The fresh new gift suggestions of the Enneagram 9 are:

New Enneagram refers to the 9 a variety otherwise appearances, with every representing good worldview and you may archetype one to resonates to your means anybody think, feel and you will act with regards to the nation, others and themselves. It’s much more than just a personality reputation that offers opinion into core character traits, since it delves better on center motives, defence mechanisms and you will concerns that often sit on unconscious layers of one’s identity construction. Your Enneagram key type of is like a home legs at which we sound right of individuation, combination and you may invention. Almost every other terms and conditions accustomed determine the notion of ‘type’ include resonance, identity, contact, angle otherwise design.

It is critical to keep in mind that some other Enneagram appearances styles commonly based on actions by yourself, and external habits will likely be . To identify anywhere between appearance, it’s important to accessibility determination – to understand more about why one decides to work when you look at the a particular way and why pretending that way are valued by the you to private.

Enneagram Nines was determined of the a desire to be paid and you will in the balance with the globe and you can, as a result, are flexible and you can acknowledging would-be vital that you them. They strive for a peaceful life and you will appreciate balances, preferring to eliminate argument. Within their best, Nines try experienced because the notice-alert and you can vibrant. They supply the latest current of right, sustainable step so you’re able to by themselves and the community doing her or him. Less-match Nines is knowledgeable since delaying, stubborn and you will thinking-doubting. It comes from a period of getting with each other to acquire together with others therefore the eventual aches one arises when this method isn’t fulfilling.


  • Agreeable: Nines are really easy to get along with. Anyone else sense him or her just like the unlock, responsive and peaceful.
  • Understanding: Nines can tune in to differences and discover numerous viewpoints, having a good skill inside the synthesis and you will shopping for commonalities round the variations.
  • Patient: Nines do things from inside the a peaceful, green method, believing the fresh sheer flow away from tactics and operations.
  • Supportive: Someone else become approved, read and you will know throughout the visibility away from Nines. It take on anyone having who they really are and discover the complete prospective.
  • Genuine: Everything you get a hold of is exactly what you have made that have a good 9 and you can aplikacje randkowe geek2geek he is unpretentious. Other people is going to be confident with him or her.

Regular Step Patterns:

Enneagram nine is in the action center of Enneagram, however it is brand new conflicted archetype in this centre. Nines handle the environment from the not making it possible for someone else to handle them, generally speaking resisting within the a couch potato means. Its tips, and sometimes insufficient action, was worried about maintaining balance and you may comfort. Nines avoid disagreement. They generate familiar rhythms and you may practices within lifestyle and you will mark morale out of this development of wedding along with their opportunities and you will ecosystem. Nines must end up being linked and you will next to some body, hence often leads so you can good “blending” of your time for the some body nearest on it. This may use the particular following the designs, appeal, interests or even ideas of those in their sexual space.

Typical Convinced Habits:

Nines for example structured techniques, understanding and you may facts and can, for this reason, create methods or habits in no time. Also they are likely to be expert at the organizing considerable amounts of data otherwise outline on the a coherent design. An effective 9 is generally far more tough-oriented and stubborn than people that do not know him or her will get realise. They are going to hardly express the latest viewpoint and you may notice-speak which they do with folks because they do not must “subject” them to these advice lest it weighs him or her off. Nines is retired so you’re able to getting some dissatisfied which have particular elements of their existence or relationships.

Regular Impression Designs:

Even if Nines feel a selection of serious thoughts, they venture an even-tempered and easy-heading demeanour. They are going to continue strong emotions to help you by themselves, enabling other people playing the newest 9 while the most friendly and you will calm, while they may well not end up being in that way internally. While the emotions appear extremely extreme into the 9 and additionally they much time to have harmony, it feel very thinking about reasonable so you can moderate volume away from power. Even with their ability in order to mediate in conflict activities, Nines hate linking due to their own rage. Outrage was an emotionally draining experience to own Nines, who tend to just take a bit to remember that they are upset. It, thus, do not let by themselves to tackle anger too often or as well intensely. Nines “pay attention” into the feelings and thinking of the people doing them. If they’re enthusiastic and you will energised, the fresh 9 will display within this inspiration and positivity. An equivalent will happen when anyone as much as are usually perception down.